Thursday, May 17, 2007

We dint want to be in this place ,each one of us had diffrent plans and different friends but mithl ma ygoolon KALAINA ZAAG and we all ended up here...i was supposed to be with my other "friends" in Boston..noora went to the place she wanted for just a year and then transferred here..rgayaa wasnt supposed to be here and shes still wondering if she can transfer and shakla it might take her a while to get ina shes STUCK here with us..sara never discussed this issue with us..rgaya and I came a semster after sara we took a semsetr off to enjoy our boring lives in *******...noora stayed in *** for a semester bes b3dain transferred for her cool doofri mithl ma ygoolon EL 7UB A3MA ya3ni emshi w5bi6 rasak 3al 7ai6..the 1st semester was like living in hell we dint know people we dint have cars and we dint know each other well..every time we went back to ***** we would act all 5aneethish with our parents and try to convince them thats this place is NOT A PLACE ..sara and me went to the same skool but el o5t never introduced me to her REAL personality ya3ni long story short el bint 6al3at shay thaaani...i know noora since grade 8?i think ya3ni thru el 9eya3a fe ***** , we were never close even thou 5awana 5atho ba3`6 o 6algo ba3`6 o e7na 5abar 5aair we became close after starting uni...rgayaa and noora 3arfeen ba3`6 min zaman...sara and noora met here and so did rgaya and sara la o ba3ad sara still remembers wat ragaya wore the 1st time they met YA3NI MADRE SHDA5AL BES THEY ALWAYS MENTION IT !!...ana o ragayaa met thru this is other friend i came here before every1 else lana my family ma 9adgo 3ala allah ina el uni fat7o their doors, daddy dropped me kani sha`3ala sailania sayra el airport and so did rgaya`s dad the 1st thing that freak asked me to do is "Mumkin tsheeli my carpet pls?" and that was the last time asma3 feeha pls min rgaya allah yer7am ayam zaman.

noora: haaabla,coke and sweet factory ma ymsho fe youm wa7ed,lazim tnam at least 12 hrz walaa el bint tgafil, gets along with any1,smart *mashalla*,in love << allah y3eenik :P,funny and madre shagool ba3ad oh and loves screaming o heya 3al fone.

Sara: yemshi ma3aha "looks can be deceiving" shes almost 155 inch`s bes the dafasha wil POWER < focus 3al power ha is not shuwaya..she pokes she spanks and she enjoys squashing things..shes quite around ppl she dsnt know and loves the word "3adi" and her conclusion are always right no matter wat u say SHE WILL ALWAYS CONCLUDE THE RIGHT STORY.

rgaya:her name is FAR FAR away min rgaya she got the name lana when she gets her period she becomes some1 else..always sleepy and always drinking coke..angry person and funny kaif?madre walla lain el youm ab`3a afham!!loves complicating stuff wil hnoood ymooto feeha and el o5t gets along with guys more than girls ya3ni b5tee9ar el bint 3abee6a.

Dana (me): i love diet pepsi and going out haay eli agdar agola 3an nafsi the rest homa el siblan baygoloh

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